About us

Big Sky Bites was born out of a family’s love for their pets and a desire to give dogs everywhere the best possible treats! our story began many years ago, when a ranch girl from Alberta fell for a rambling hippy at a bar in Whitefish, Montana. After settling down, Ryan and Jen began raising cattle to provide the best possible beef for their family and friends in Northwest Montana. Using the natural resources of this beautiful part of our State, they went to work without any hormones, antibiotics or even grain, but instead with a whole lot of love and sweat. It was when Jen and their Border Collie pup, Pepper (pictured above) were engaged in agility training that Big Sky Bites was created. The trainer mentioned small meat treats as an ideal tool to keep the young Collie’s interest and Jen knew she had the perfect source back at the ranch, 100% grass fed beef. Soon Pepper and dogs all over the Flathead Valley were digging their
Big Sky Bites!
Ryan and Thomas have family bonds going back nearly 20 years. They grew close while working on several different ranching projects and realized that there was a common love for animals and especially dogs. In joining Big Sky Bites, Thomas brings an extensive history of caring for his family’s pets as well as those of his many clients as one of the original dog walkers in San Francisco for over 8 years. 
Together, we aim to continue to the spread our love of growing our own food to everyone’s best furry friends. Here’s to the love of our pets, from our families to yours!