Where are Big Sky Bites Made?
Big Sky Bites are produced entirely in the beautiful Flathead Valley of Northwest Montana. Our cattle are grass fed and grass finished on the wonderful natural resources in our beautiful corner of Big Sky Country.

Why are Big Sky Bites made with 100% grass fed beef?

How often can I give my dog Big Sky Bites?
Our treats are exactly that, a treat to reward your dog for good behavior, a job well done, or just for being an awesome friend! Feel free to give Big Sky Bites early and often but not as a replacement for regular meals. Lots of fresh water and a healthy diet where Big Sky Bites are about 10% of the daily caloric intake is a good standard.

Once I opened my bag of Big Sky Bites, how should I store them?
Our treats are best stored in pouch they came in with the seal closed in cool, dry place. We recommend your dog enjoy their Big Sky Bites within 7-10 days of opening. The best by date can be found on the back to ensure maximum enjoyment.

Will each Big Sky Bites treat look exactly the same?
It is possible for our treats to appear slightly different in shape, texture, color and size because of the natural aspect of the grass fed beef we use. However, our quality control department is always making sure their favorite Big Sky Bites are as delicious as ever!